October 24, 2014

Can you smell what the chef is cooking...?

I've never done CAS before - I am just way too glittery and sparkly when it comes to cards... ;-)

But I wanted to give it a go anyway and added a beard to this little Hanglar guy to make him look a bit older and masculine.. and somehow always picture cooks with a mustache (blame it on the Muppet show)... And I used some glue pads to get a bit of a 3D Design. The text is a German nusery rhyme about baking cake... Hope you like it :-)


Copic code
chef's hat #1 + apron: T1, T3, T5
chef's hat #2 + shirt: BV00, BV23, BV34, BV25
pants: B93, B95, B97, B99
shoes: Y23, Y26, Y28, E35, E49
mixing bowl: BG10, BG72, BG78

1 comment:

  1. What a cute little chef. Love this image. hugs, Ursula